4 Different Currencies Of Identity V Game!


Identity V comes with four different kinds of currencies in the game such as Clue, Inspiration, Echo and Fragment. People really like to play this survival game in which they get a chance to play the role of the detective so they can easily find out the clues in order to explore the missing girl online. Therefore, now you are free to use the three currencies in the game for buying the characters and also other things such as pet and music. If you are really needy in the game then generate the funds with the safest method called Identity V Cheats. Now I am going to share some valuable facts about the game.

What is the best use of the in-game currencies?

We have already mentioned that the game includes different currencies so you must pay attention on it. Instead of this, you can easily grab some great facts about the game in upcoming points-

  1. Echo – The Echo is considered as the most important currency of the game which is possible to get by spending real life money at the in-game shop. You can buy character and clues along with the echo.
  2. Inspiration – The inspiration is possible to obtain from the Echo exchange and path. You can use it at the time of buying packs perfectly.
  3. Fragment – Players can grab when they have the same items so you can buy pet and music by using this. Identity V Cheats can help the players to boost the number of funds in the game.
  4. Clue (Jigsaw) If we talk about the Clue then it is possible to grab from the logic path and by participating in the events. You can easily use it for buying the characters that would be really useful for you.

Moving further, it will also be depending on the player that how he or she is spending the currencies. Due to this, you can easily start playing this game that would be really useful for you.